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Trailstopper 250ml

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In April 2022 slug pellets were banned in the UK.

Some mammals and birds, eat slugs and snails as part of their diet. So use Trailstopper to provide a highly effective barrier against our slimy friends WITHOUT KILLING THEM. Simply paint it on where needed.

Tested in Plymouth University School of Plant Science Ecology & Animal Behaviour. The results are THEY HATE IT and won't go near it. See the videos opposite.

  • Repels Slugs and Snails
  • Easy to apply
  • Intended for painting on the plant pots, green houses, bed enclosures, tubs, planters and all vertical & horizontal surfaces in the growing environment
  • Pet Friendly
  • Does not contain any poisonous or hazardous chemicals
  • Creates a no go area keeping your plants safe from our unwanted friends

Application instructions


  1. Open Jar
  2. Stir well
  3. Paint onto any vertical or semi-vertical or horizontal surface including -Terracotta, Plastic, Wood, Metal, Stone, Clay, Concrete & Glass
  4. Reapply every four weeks to maintain protection

Health & Saftey Data Sheet

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Will Trailstopper affect my cat or dog if they lick the treated surface?
    No, Trailstopper is completely benign and will not harm your pets.
  2. Does it kill slugs and snails?
    No, it creates a no go area, they will not cross.
  3. What surfaces can I use this on?
    Wood, clay, stone, plastic, brick
  4. How long does it last?
    We would recommend re application monthly
  5. Does Trailstopper have any effect on insects or birds?
    No, it is totally eco friendly and has no effect on the natural environment.
  6. Has Trailstopper been independently tested?
    Yes, over a 3 year period, it has been tested at Plant Science and Animal Behaviour department of Plymouth University.