A revolutionary eco-friendly way to keep slugs & snails off your plants.

Introducing Trailstopper - Eco-Friendly Slug & Snail Repellent
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'No-Go' Area

Trailstopper creates a no-go area, keeping slugs and snails away from your growing plants.

Easy Application

Simply paint onto any vertical, semi-vertical or horizontal surface around your plants.

Scientificly Proven

Tested at Plymouth University School of Plant Science Ecology & Animal Behaviour.

Insect & Pet Friendly

Trailstopper doesn't contain any poisonous or hazardous chemicals.
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A Safe-Haven For Your Plants

Trailstopper creates a no go, safe, protected area keeping slugs and snails away from your growing plants. Simply paint on the outside of pots, greenhouse glass, bed enclosures, tubs, planters and all surfaces in the growing environment. Slugs and snails are unharmed but hate the painted surface and will not cross it and simply go elsewhere.
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Protect Your Plants In 4 Simple Steps

Open The Jar

Stir Well

Paint On Surface

Reapply In 8 Weeks

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How It Works

Slugs and snails hate the surface and fall off
Tentacles retract and the snail begins leaving the area
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Latest Reviews From Amazon

Trailstopper was excellent at keeping the slugs away. Always had a problem in our garden but this has worked a treat and lasts for a good amount of time too. Will be buying again.

Very easy to apply and was the most effective product i have ever found to stop snail damage.

I have tried many products to stop slugs getting into my Rabbits enclosure, a spray worked providing I used every evening, used this product and not seen a single slug for 1 week, it says to reapply every month,it goes on easily just used on surfaces that I had seen slugs on in enclosure so even if I need to do weekly that's ok.

I have had problems with slugs coming into my kitchen and I had tried other methods to get rid of them. Painting this around the outside of where I think they were coming in and it has worked. No slugs for a week now. Plus I have a dog and I don’t need to worry when putting this down.

Eco and pet friendly and it works

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Buy Trailstopper

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One 250ml Jar Of Trailstopper
Eco Friendly
Vegan Friendly
Scientificly Proven By Plymouth University
Inspect, Pet & Human Safe
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trailstopper twin pack
Trailstopper Twin Pack
Best Value
Two 250ml Jars Of Trailstopper
Eco Friendly
Vegan Friendly
Scientificly Proven By Plymouth University
Inspect, Pet & Human Safe
trailstopper twin pack


Who are Trailstopper?
Trailstopper's in-house Chemist, has thirty-two successful patents to his name. We liaised with professional Lab Technicians to conduct all testing.
Our Goals
Many gardeners approached Trailstopper to develop a product that would deter slugs and snails from getting to the gardener's crops, plants and seedlings. This took longer than expected, but the results are phenomenal.
The Journey
What started as a unique concept turned out to be technically demanding to produce. Initially, it was a liquid Teflon-style coating, which was only partially successful. We tested a silicon-style layer, followed by a successful water-based gel, but the challenge became making a water-based product insoluble. Over four years of testing has resulted in this water-based semi-soluble gel that does not dissolve and can last on a surface for two months.

Trailstopper is easy to apply to all surfaces that slugs and snails would typically cross to get to your plants, seedlings and crops. The coating does not harm the snails and is harmless to birds, hedgehogs and animals such as cats and dogs.

Working with Plymouth University Plant Science & Animal behaviour Department, where independent professional Lab Technicians conducted all testing, we received glowing feedback:
"This is phenomenal. The snails and slugs just won't go near to it."

No, Trailstopper is completely benign and will not harm your pets.

No, it creates a no-go area they will not cross.

Wood, clay, stone, plastic, brick, soil or glass.

We would recommend re-application every eight weeks.

No, it is totally eco-friendly and has no effect on the natural environment.

Yes, over a three-year period, it has been tested at the Plant Science and Animal Behaviour department of Plymouth University. z

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